Переписка джентельмена с лендлордом.

Хуйня случилась и я пишу:

XXXXX – это ландлорд, ZZZZ это скво моя, ну и Peter это я блеать.

I hope you well.

As usual I am writing you about some issues, and I am really sorry re this.
Yesterday the braided hose in bathroom sink just exploded creating a huge fountain of water. Luckily I was at home at the time so we localised problem to bathroom and there was no water ingress to hallway. Nothing damaged at property apart of hose itself. I’ve attached picture (marked red is a damage, marked blue is a valve I’ve shut to stop the water). I’ve already ordered good quality replacement hoses which comes £10 for a pair from amazon. I hope to have them tomo and I do have a skills and tools to get the broken hose replaced myself over weekend. However if for any reason you think you need to send qualified engineer to check or redo or certify this we are more than welcome. In this case please contact ZZZZZ to agree datetime.

Good news is that after the accident I’ve checked all other water connections and found that anything else apart of sink taps in bathroom (which are affected) is connected with hard copper pipe which is not prone for such disasters.

Please let us know what is your plan on this. I think if you don’t require an certified engineer to come due to insurance or other legal stuff there is nothing to worry about then.

I do not require a refund of hoses cost as in my opinion there will be more hassle to arrange refund that the actual cost is.

лендлорд отвечает:
Oh no! Peter – I’m so glad you were there to turn off the water this could have been so much worse. This exact same thing happened to me a few months ago under the bath and the hose exploded and water flooded down into my kitchen and we had a pool in the kitchen – I had to have new ceiling and re-plaster the walls it was awful. If you are able to change the hose Peter that will be great it doesn’t need a plumber if you have the tools to complete it please go ahead. Of course please send the receipt I will reimburse the cost of this purchase no problem. Im grateful you have the ability to do this Peter however if you have any difficulty please let me know and I will bring someone over to assist.
Please send my regards to ZZZZZ – I hope you’re all okay and looking forward to the summer when we might get some sun!
Let me know if you need my help.

Так и общаемся. Иногда я думаю что я лучший тенант в мире. Но, я плачу такие смехотворные деньги за аренду вполне приличного дома рядом с хорошими школами, что все время очкую что она мне прикрутит ещё £500 в месяц, и я как дурак соглашусь.

Надо будет найти и опубликовать переписку по поводу крысы, которая совершила суицид в драйн, через что у меня слив попер на улицу 🙂 Там ещё веселее было. Тоже жаловалась на утонувших мышей 🙂